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        Shaanxi Huachuang Non-ferrous Metal Technology Co., ltd

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        • Products Name: W / Mo Series


        1. Tungsten bar, Tungsten rod, Tungsten wire, Tungsten Plate, Tungsten boat, WNiFe, WniCu and Tungsten deep-working products
         Brand: W1, WAL1, WAL2
         Size: F0.1 ~ 60 mm, 0.2 ~ 10 x 200 x 300 mm
         Specification: GB3459-82, GB4187-84, GB/T4181-97, GB3875-83, and Q/BS1331-91
         The other specification: ASTM B760-86, ASTM B777-87,


        2. Molybdenum bar, Molybdenum plates, Molybdenum rod, Molybdenum foil, Molybdenum boat and Molybdenum deep-wording products
         Brand: Mo1, TZM, MoLd, JMo1
         Size: F0.1 ~ 80 mm 0.03 ~ 20 x 450 x 1000 mm
         Specification: GB3462-82, Q/BS2132-91, GB4188-84, GB4182-84, GB3876 , GB3877-83
         The other specification: ASTM B386, ASTM B387, F289


        Mo Sheet
        Stranded Tungsten wire
        Tungsten Screw
        W/Mo Boats
        W/Mo Wire
        W/Mo Plate
        Big size W/Mo Boats
        Mo Foil
        W/Mo Crucible
        Mo Bar