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        • Products Name: Monel & Hastalloy Alloy



        Monel alloy also called nickel alloy, is a kind of metal nickel substrate add copper, iron, manganese and other elements and become alloy. Monel alloy corrosion resistance, a silvery white, for edge silk material.

        Monel alloy purposes

        Monel 400 alloy organization for high strength single-phase interstitial, it is a kind of dosage the biggest, the most versatile, comprehensive performance excellent corrosion resistant alloy. This alloy in hydrofluoric acid and fluorine medium superior corrosion resistance, thermal strong alkali liquor also have to excellent corrosion resistance. Also resistance to neutral solution, water, water, air, organic compound, corrosion.

        Ha's alloy is nickel-based alloy one kind, at present mainly divided into B, C, G three series, it is mainly used in iron base Cr-Ni or Cr-Ni-Mo stainless steel, nonmetal material can't use such as the strong corrosive medium occasion, in foreign countries has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, environmental protection and so on many domains.

        Ha's C-276 alloy belong to nickel molybdenum-chromium iron- -tungsten department nickel-based alloy. It is the most modern metal material corrosion resistant a. The main resistance to wet chlorine, all kinds of oxidizing chloride, LvHuaYan solution, acid and oxidizing salt, in low temperature and temperature are hydrochloric acid have very good corrosion resistance performance.



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