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        • Products Name: Ti / Ni Pipe Fitting & Flange


        Our company mainly produce various specifications of the titanium, nickel pipes and pipe fittings, standard parts and flange joint and so on, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power and salt industry such as corrosion resistant pipeline engineering, and also exported to European countries such as Sweden.
        Products name Specifications (O.D x wall thickness) Breed structure Note Production standard
        Elbow DN15~DN1100 x 1.5~10 30, 45, 90, 180 The curvature radius R = 1.5 Dg (R = 10)


          ANSIB16.9 (1986)
        Tee DN15~DN1100 x 1.5~10 Straight and Reducer Diameter<325mm is seamless
        Reducer DN15~DN1100 x 1.5~10 Concentric and eccentric Diameter<325mm is seamless
        Joint DN15~DN500 x 1.5-8 various Diameter<325mm is seamless
        Large diameter tube DN15~DN1120 x 1.5-8 Titanium and Titanium alloy Diameter<325mm is seamless
        Flange Various specifications Titanium, Nickel and Zirconium materials

        Can supply flange except rare meta

        Titanium standard specification table
        Product name brand varieties specifications
        Titanium standard

        TA1 TA2,

        TA10, TC4

        Hexagon bolts M4-M4
        Hexagon nuts
        Flat gaskets F4~F24
        Ti/Ni Pipe and Pipe Fitting Ti Equipment Ti Standardized Parts  
        Ti Turnup Ti Target Ti Flange