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        5.9: tungsten tungsten tungsten prices rose after city

        Date:2012年5月18日 10:58

        The international market, according to the European strategy of small metal quotes the latest display, the current overseas tungsten price steady, Europe ferrotungsten, APT market deserted, trading slow. The domestic market, today the raw tungsten concentrate prices are still high, but the market price relatively chaotic, although 65 degrees of wolframite concentrate the mainstream market price in 127000 yuan / ton near, but the quotation in the 12.5-13 yuan / ton has, since most businesses optimistic about the market outlook, maintain sell mentality, tungsten circulation tight spot, while the downstream procurement is not positive, therefore, clinch a deal the vulnerable. But it is worth noting that, at present, tungsten inventory is not low, despite the recent Jiangxi, Hunan area because of the rain the weather mining is blocked, but the supply is still high, so it is not practical to tight supply of tungsten. Sufficient supply, according to the rich treasure of in-depth understanding, downstream of the current hard alloy finished product prices are still decline, decline in the 25 yuan / kg, in plentiful supply, demand weakened, if the non-human factors, prices should fall, rich treasure suggestions rationally treat the market outlook. Sodium tungstate price although strong steady, although manufacturers new single is not much, shipping flat, at the same time, along with the tungsten ore price rise and waste tungsten material supply is tight, sodium tungstate manufacturers of raw materials procurement sweaty. Tungsten steel scrap market by raw materials market, high prices, business information boost, traders inquiries increased rapidly, but because of tight spot, manufacturers dosage Co., inventory is still large, purchase scarce, even if the purchase, each number is smaller, generally in 100-200 kg. At present domestic blade manufacturers purchase price is generally in the 179-180 yuan / kg. Macro news, the central bank unexpectedly recovered the buy back operation, market interest rates down across the board; nearly 20 provinces released stepped price hearing scheme, price increase is a trend; Spain in March industrial output is far less than expected.

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