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        Titanium sponge

        Date:2012年1月11日 10:59

        Ilmenite (TiFe03) after 6300KVA EAF into Gao Taizha (Ti02), and gas coke oven, chloride, chlorine to generate rough four titanium chloride (TICl4), and then after the separation of copper wire tray, removing vanadium into four fine titanium chloride, and then enter the reduction distillation combined furnace, plus magnesium is also the original, generation of titanium sponge and magnesium chloride, magnesium chloride magnesium and chlorine gas generated through electrolysis recycling, titanium sponge generated by crushing the packaging factory.
        The 1 particle size
        Sponge titanium particle size by crushing and screening determined, with 0.83mm~25.4mm 90% MIN and 0.83mm~12.7mm 90% MIN two grain supply.
        2 the appearance
        The product should be grayish sponge metal, surface cleaning, no inclusions visible. Products (except 5 grade) in the presence of titanium sponge block number of defective does not allow more than 0.1% batches of products of the total, titanium sponge block defective refers to: burnt titanium sponge block; has obvious dark yellow or bright yellow sponge titanium sponge titanium oxide block; block with a dark yellow and bright yellow traces of oxidation and nitrogen rich; titanium sponge block with a significant residual chloride; titanium sponge block with a residue; titanium sponge block High-speed Rail and associated elements.
        3 packaging
        Products according to each (piece) barrel net weight of 75kg~250kg packaging, packaging barrels for galvanized iron drum, drum with inner plastic film, with a large diameter cover seal. Products in the package, the barrel must be evacuated, argon.

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