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        Tungsten market outlook are unpredictable, APT short-term difficult to rise

        Date:2012年4月24日 10:58

        The international market, the recent international ferrotungsten continue because of supply tight up rose slightly; and American APT demand difference, prices godown.

        The domestic market, recently in tungsten concentrate prices continue steady,although nearly two market inquiry seems to be slightly increased, but the downstream market demand weak and difficult to grasp the market outlook, causes the market turnover businesses did not have the obvious change, at present the market outlook is up is down point of mixed, therefore, expect domestic tungsten price stabilization time is not long.

        It is reported, due to the long-term wait-and-see, highlighting the many tungstentraders problem of a shortage of funds, part of the business of selling someexpensive goods in order to maintain the normal operation, and buy some of the low price goods.

        Rich treasure the analysis thinks, the main reason businesses selling high priced goods is to ease the financial pressure, on the other hand, may be worried abouthaving to fall; and buy cheap supply of goods is that the market outlookdepreciates the space is limited, perhaps to stabilize rebound, therefore, the current mall business on the market outlook of perception and action slightly chaos.

        Blue tungsten, now do the products businesses are becoming less and less, the transaction price is substantial relative reduction, according to the generalammonium paratungstate down conversion, therefore, is influenced by the APT price.

        Due to the recent APT prices seem slightly stable, production business heartslightly, partially even unilaterally raise price, but the real poor results, downstreamdo not buy it, the rich treasure the analysis thinks, foreign APT demand difference to the price drop, the domestic demand is also difficult to turn for the better,therefore, the short term price to rise by supporting APT.

        Macro news, the central bank issued a release liquidity signal, has been to cut the deposit sensitive window; a successful auction of more than 2500000000 euros of Spanish government bonds; to avoid deflation dilemma, the Bank of Japan to the continuation of strong monetary easing measures.

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